Southern Tier North Shore

By: Amanda Narcisi

Southern Tier is known for it’s strong IPAs and Pumpking which started the market for pumpkin beers. In Pittsburgh, Southern Tier is known for its newest brewery on the North Shore. We were fortunate enough to check it out on a Sunday afternoon before the craziness of Pirates season.

When you enter into Southern Tier you begin in a bottle shop and retail space. Here you can buy a six pack and a t-shirt. One of the coolest things they carry is a metal growler you can refill. It is more industrial then a glass one and comes in some fun earthy colors like yellow and green. On the opposite wall is a bottle shop where you can grab a six pack of your favorite Southern Tier Brew.

We were able to snag a table right by the brewing room. Southern Tier is located in New York so we were surprised to see brewing on site. Our server told us that it was for freshness purposes. So instead of the beer in a holding place and then shipped from New York there are fresh bottles on site.

I ordered a Raspberry Wheat which was a sweet, relaxing beer; the perfect Sunday afternoon, sit on the patio type of beer. For an appetizer, we enjoyed the pretzel bites and we added beer cheese instead of the mustard on the side.

There is a full pub menu at Southern Tier with burgers, sandwiches and entrees. I ordered a North Shore Club; a club sandwich with a twist of avocado and garlic mayonnaise. It came with a side of fires which were hand cut and very crispy. Steve had a 2X Smash Burger which was a double decker burger with cheese and fries on the side. He said it was one of the best burgers he had in a while. We did skip dessert but decided to take home a crowler of Thick Mint. A crowler is a 32oz aluminum can that are filled with a beer of your choice and then sealed.

The key to getting a table at the popular Southern Tier is to visit on a weekday afternoon or a Sunday afternoon; check game and concert schedules for best availability. For more information visit


Voodoo Brewery

I have always had a rule that I wait at least a month before I visit a location. I don’t want to ruin my experience with opening day jitters. However, we did visit Voodoo Brewery when it opened and again a few years later. While I was there I was reminded that they have been open for two years. I was in the area so I stopped in to check it out again; they recently opened an arcade.

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Dorothy 6

When you walk into Dorothy 6 in Homestead you get the impression right away that you will be treated to excellent food and brews with a steampunk twist. The food is beyond your typical pub food and the brews are above craft.

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Old Tom Gin Release

Gin was widely popular in the 18th century England and, as a result, the English government placed bans and regulations on the gin industry that drove it underground. Since gin was then a black-market item it got boring and needed a new twist. The gin producers started to add sugar and other botanicals to improve on taste. This gin was called “Old Tom” and was obtained from the bootleggers by placing a coin in the mouth of a “wooden cat-shaped plaque” on the outside of the bootleggers’ home.

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When Revel and Roost opened in 2016 it was the first in many restaurants leading up Forbes revitalization out of Market Square. Nestled in the second floor of the new Hilton Garden Hotel Downtown the Roost gives a contemporary spin on fine dining.

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Scratch Food and Beverage

Part of this menu at Scratch Food and Beverage in Troy Hill started as a joke in the kitchen. Why would a new and interesting restaurant want to serve SPAM? But what happens if you took SPAM and combined it with something interesting and flavorful? What would happen if you added cricket protein?

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Cioppino Restaurant and Cigar Bar

If you are looking for a higher end but still causal restaurant with a great atmosphere, vibrant bar area, elegant dining room, knowledgeable staff, Great food and wine selection, and a Whiskey forward Cigar lounge all in one, Than look no further than Cioppino Restaurant and Cigar Bar in the Strip District.

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Allegheny City Brewing

The other varieties we were able to try at the time was the Grapefruit Imperial IPA, Graham Cracker Porter, Nova Gose, and Buster Blonde just to name a few. after talking with one of the owners we found that there will be a few main stays but there will be a lot of rotating brews and seasonal selections.

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