About Us


BOLD Pittsburgh is a lifestyle blog that features the wide variety of activities that take place in our “Most Livable City.” From food and drinks to family activities, adventure, cultural events, and more - our mission is to be the number one source for all things Pittsburgh; with a BOLD flair, of course.
BOLD Pittsburgh began when creator, Amanda Narcisi, was attending Podcamp sessions in Pittsburgh. At the time she was living in Massachusetts experimenting in online media like blogs and video podcasts. She had always wanted to be a writer and share stories with people. She started with poetry and short fiction writing in high school and grew into blogging in the last 7 years. She later moved back to her hometown, Pittsburgh, and met a group of people who shared the same aspirations. The dream became reality in 2014 with the launch of BOLD Pittsburgh as an E-Zine.
Since then BOLD Pittsburgh has transformed into a multimedia organization. Our E-Zine has turned into a blog that is filled with the same quality content, but released more frequently. BOLD Nights out is a successful Podcast hosted on various media outlets where we discuss everything from dining out in the Burgh to upcoming social activities.