Art @1010-A Collection By Memphis George

By: Amanda Narcisi


When I walked into the parlor at The Allegheny Inn my attention was immediately drawn to the dress in the window. This dress designed and built by Memphis George was stunning on the catwalk and now on the window. Every piece is vibrant with color. The greatest thing about Space @ 1010 is that there is different rooms with art in each space. So every room has something new to look at.

There are other pieces throughout The Allegheny Inn from paintings to jewelry; some of them current and some that were in Memphis’s collection for decades. Memphis’s jewelry has always had a space in Pittsburgh with private shows and The Three Rivers Arts Festival. For more information about about Memphis George and upcoming shows check out her Facebook page.

To see the entire collection schedule a tour or book a night at The Allegheny Inn by calling 412-478-2161. The Allegheny Inn is located at 1010 Cedar Ave in Pittsburgh’s Dusechtown area.