Artists Get Relief

By: Amanda Narcisi

Pittsburgh is never short on tragic events like floods and fires and how they affect communities like artists and musicians. The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council set up a new grant just to aid when tragedies strike. The Emergency Fund debuted in 2018 filling this need when fire, flood, accident or flood affect an artist.

First Grant Handed Out

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 2.34.24 PM.png

The tragedy of theft hit Nathan Zoob this past February when his pedal bag was stolen. Contained in the bag was filled with individual pedals and tools equaling $1,300. 

“Without the support of the Emergency Fund for Artists, my art practice would be set back at least six months while I saved money to replace my equipment,” explained Zoob.

A Pittsburgh transport by way of New York, Nathan Zoob is an acoustic and electric guitar player. Nathan sits with multiple bands including Wreck Loose and Mark Dignam and the House of Song. Nathan is working on a new album, which it would have been put on hold if not by the help of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

The Emergency Fund

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Emergency Fund is supported and funded by the Hillman Foundation. Selection for funding is subject to some guidelines and artists must apply. If you are a local artist and suffered a tragedy that affected your art, application and directions are on the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council website.

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