Empty Spaces Filled with Creativity in Pittsburgh

By: Amanda Narcisi

Make Something Out of Nothing. Have you ever made something out of nothing? A blank canvas, a piece of notepad paper, or a single beat that needed a song. The idea behind the Empty Space Project is to highlight the artists and creations.

Creative Seekers


Empty Space Project is the team of DaeMon, Khalil, and Matt. Daemon is the creativity, and Matt is the visuals while Khalil is the voice. Empty Space Project started when Khalil got into a studio in Wilkinsburg, he invited DaeMon to view the space. While they sat in the new space admiring the emptiness, they realized they had to make something. At the time they released one video before space fell through. 

In August, Khalil, DaeMon, and Matt gained access to a new space in New Kensington, an abandoned aluminum factory that is currently under renovation. Bare walls, exposed brick, and a big empty space. 

The factory sits on 22 acres of space with three buildings. U-Haul already occupies one of the buildings. The second is already renovated and holds an event space and offices. Empty Space Project occupies the third building is where the Empty Space Project is occupying. In the last few years, the buildings and land housed a haunted house which adds to the character of the building because as you tour it, there are still props and costumes around. 

The Project Fills a Space

Empty Space Project highlights each artist with a video and interview. The idea is to allow the artist to show off their talent and then have the time to promote their craft. DaeMon and Matt carefully plan each video, recorded meticulously in their vision. 


Khalil then interviews the artist with a few questions and allows the artist a platform to plug whatever they passion. Video and audio then are recorded for each interview, for availability on multiple platforms. The final product is later debuted on YouTube and Instagram. In the future, the team hopes to host events at the space.

Empty Space Project launches on September 15th with a video from Khalil expressing his art. At a later date a video with INEZ and Clara Kent will be posted. Currently, Empty Spaces Project is looking for more artists to fill the space with creativity. If you are a musician, painter, spoken word artist or a photographer interested in the project contact the team at emptyspacepittsburgh@gmail.com 

Give Empty Space Project a follow on Instagram for upcoming videos and information. Come Make Something Out of Nothing.