Voodoo Brewery...the Magic of Beer and Happy Hour

Visiting Voodoo Brewery in Homestead was like leaping into the Ghostbusters' firehouse, but on a totally crazy psychedelic trip. The old firehouse-turned-trendy-brewery packs all of the eye candy with an array of lush flavor. The purple/green/red walls provided a lush ambiance, the velvety accompaniment to the flowing beer that was at the ready.


This gem is hidden--literally--on Homestead's E 10th Avenue. It's very easy to miss (I drove by three times!!).  It's worth the trip. Nestled in a quieter section of Homestead, Voodoo is a great place to unwind with a very low-key, unpretentious crowd. It was devoid of hipsters (yay!) and stuffy beer "experts."  It's the kind of place that Jimmy Hendrix would have loved. (I think.)

Voodoo is selective about the beer it serves. White Magic of the Sun is a must-have; it's a spicy beer that includes 12 varieties of peppercorns and a tingly aftertaste that is as intense as it is unique. The Wynona's Big Brown Ale is a smooth, brown sugary brew that is satisfying and bold. And do not, do not, do NOT leave without trying the Breakfast of Champions, an oatmeal and chocolate stout. My ideal breakfast (because oatmeal is nutritious, right??). 


Voodoo Love Child is a fruited Belgian tripel that packs a delicious juicy flavor...and speaking of juices, Voodoo features the "Met-mosa," a celebratory beverage for non-beer drinkers. Choose from orange, mango, pineapple juice served in a tulip glass for the perfect brunch.


The one component that seemed to be missing from Voodoo was food. The drunk munchies typically hit pretty hard--food is a must-have. Food trucks make routine guest appearances in front of the brewery, Friday-Sunday. Voodoo is currently developing their own food truck menu to join in the Pittsburgh brunch scene. (Don't forget to bring cash as nary an ATM can be found for those who are tethered to a debit card.) This trendy little establishment is perfect for a low-key happy hour to kick off Friday night shenanigans, largely due to its close proximity to the Waterfront. For local brewery enthusiasts, this is definitely a bucket list item. You'll thank us for the tip later.