The Summit

By: Amanda Narcisi

If I had one way to describe The Summit I would say that it is Mount Washington’s best-kept secret. Granted the bar is packed all the time, but to me, I never understood until I had my first drink of the evening.

The first sip I had of a “Hollis, I Love You” and I was hooked. The crafty cocktail was Bulleit Bourbon, Strawberry Shrub, White Port and Cherry Heering. It was smooth and you couldn’t taste the bourbon. For my second drink, I had the comedically named “Death to Smoochy” which had the biggest surprise: the drink was black. The Death to Smoochy had Gin, Johnny Walker Black, Liquor de Violettes and Lavender Bitters. This drink was harsher then the first. I was more intrigued with the name. My third drink was “With Love”; which I ended up having two of because it was my favorite. It was Rhubarb, Grand Marnier, Ginger, Lemon and Soda. Grand Marnier is my favorite liquor and the orange taste of it mixed with the other flavors made for a very sippable drink. I did also get a sip of my dates standard Manhattan, which was prepared perfectly.

The dinner menu was a tough decision and it came down to just craving an amazing burger. We opted for The Summit Burger with a side of fries. The burger was juicy, but not the type that soaked the bun and made it hard to eat. The double smoked bacon was the perfect topper to the already flavorful burger. The fries were crunchy and were prepared in a special oil that I couldn’t put my finger on and the chef wasn’t giving away any secrets.

The ambiance of The Summit is a cross between quiet and romantic to the place to take your friends. Along the front of the restaurant is garage doors; along the opposite wall is the bar and on some nights a DJ is in front of the door to the kitchen. The one wall has pews along it for sitting and at the end a bookshelf filled with board games. During the week this is a fun quiet romantic date venue. During the weekends I have seen it packed onto the street.

For more information visit or stop in next time you are in Mount Washington area. You can find The Summit at 200 Shiloh Street or call 412-918-1647. cheers