Reclamation Brewing

By: Amanda Narcisi

With the winter weather among us we often don't travel out for things like food and beer; you know, the essentials. But last week during the snow storm we decided to travel to Butler to their one and only brewery: Reclamation Brewing.

The slogan of Reclamation is that they are not beer snobs and that was true when we walked in. It had an at home feel, like nothing was fussed over.

We met our friends and took to a table over by the makeshift stage set up for Bob Banerjee from Corned Beef and Curry. It was the perfect entertainment for the evening.

We decided to tackle tasting every beer on the menu along with some food. We started with a Pint of Bacon. Which is just a pint of bacon however you can tell it was farm fresh bacon not the kind from a supermarket. Next we tried the Beer Mac and Cheese I enjoyed it and I could tell it was made with the beer from Reclamation Brewing.

Our friends enjoyed a sandwich and a hot dog: The Rueben and the Butler Dog.

But we came to sample every beer on the menu; which was a feat in itself considering there was about 15 beers, ciders and barleywine. We ordered samples and a few full sizes in order to sample them all.

Nephilium Barleywine:

Amanda: It was sweet and tangy. It had more of a berry taste then usual Barleywine which I don’t usually like.

Steve: The flavor of burnt carmel, plum and grape were awesome. I am a big fan of Barleywine, and this one was awesome.

Carey Me Home:

Amanda: I found this beer to be tingley and lite. I couldn't drink an entire glass, it was too hoppy.

Steve: As a hop head I loved it. Well over 100 IBU’s 10% ABV and a whole lot of flavor going on.

Everyman’s Red Ale:

Amanda: This was a hearty and meaty ale.

Steve: It was full of malts and flavor, good for one but not a session.

Promised Land Ale:

Amanda: This was a traditional Belgian golden IPA. It was really delicious.

Steve: Nice and Creamy, a little sweet for me but it was good.

Smoked Porter:

Amanda: This is one of my favorites. I am a stout drinker and this was poured through a Nitro system which added to the smoky taste. This was thick and rich, a real porter.

Steve: Quite tasty, good smoke flavor not to heavy and on Nitro was great.

Bandwagon Blonde:

Amanda: This was really interesting because it was coffee and chocolate in a blonde beer when those flavors are usually in a dark beer.  This was also the table favorite; we all tried it and loved it.

Steve: was intersting, wasn’t a fan but hey, thats why there are so many styles of beer to fit everyones taste. I suggest a taste for your self to form your own opinion.

Redheaded Hottie:

Amanda: This was their ginger beer and it was perfect. It had the right amount of ginger and was tangy. I really enjoyed this beer.

Steve: Quite awesome. A red ale with big ginger flavor. I can see this being used in beer cocktails.


Amanda: This was different then the Smoked Porter, it was a richer stout. It was smooth and was easy to drink.

Steve: Ton of flavor in this milk stout. Tasty and I can see multiple of these in a sitting.


Amanda: This beer would have been perfect with an orange garnish. It was spicy and had a hint of orange in the aftertaste.

Steve: For a wheat beer it was good, great spices with coriander and citrus balance

The Double:

Amanda: This wasn't my favorite but only because I am not a hoppy drinker. It being a double IPA was rough for a stout drinker like me.

Steve: Different than the Carey Me Home, The Double has great flavor and again 100 IBU and 8% ABV made this possible to have more than one.

Top Favorites:

Amanda: Redheaded Hottie and Smoked Porter

Steve: Carey Me Home IPA, Nephilim Barleywine, The Double IPA, and the Redhead Hottie Ginger.

All in all, the trip north to Reclamation Brewing was worth every mile. It was perfect for a relaxed time with great food and beer. Reclamation Brewing is located at 221 S Main Street Butler, PA 16001. Other information at