DJ's Sandwich Shoppe

By: Amanda Narcisi

DJ’s Butcher Block has become a destination when it comes to fresh cut meats and some alternative flavored sausage. Then a few weeks ago DJ opened a sandwich shop a few doors down from the Butcher Block.

DJ’s Sandwich Shoppe offers dining in and takeout options. I walked in and browsed the menu and specials that are written on a chalkboard. I decided on one of the special and after ordering, I took a seat and watched as my food was prepared.

I ordered the special of Cured Ham, Eggs and Biscuits. The ham was sweet and cooked on an open grill which caused a perfect char on it. The biscuits were homemade and toasted on the grill. I ordered my eggs scrambled and they were cooked on a cast iron skillet. Breakfast is served all day so I was able to order this special in the late afternoon. It was amazing. One of the best dishes I have had.

My friend had ordered the Chicken Chorizo and Egg Tacos with fresh salsa, avocado and queso. The dish looked amazing and he enjoyed the dish. I did get to share some of the fresh cut fries and cheese. They were exceptional; they were crispy and was served with the right amount of cheese so that they never turned soggy.

Drinks were simple; all sodas and water served in cans and bottles. Easy for pick-up.

Overall my late lunch at DJ Sandwich Shoppe was exceptional. I highly recommend anytime you are strolling through Bloomfield or need a great meal to pick-up.