Station Brunch

By: Amanda Narcisi

I am typically a pancakes and bacon kind of bruncher, but I couldn’t resist a brunch at the already explored Station in Bloomfield. Station just started brunch service in March and has been a success that pairs the art of food with the eccentric tastes of the chef. BBQ Lentils is a real example of how this art of food is reaching new taste buds.

We had previously explored Station during a late night trip through Bloomfield but only indulged in cocktails. Brunch is no different as I sat down and ordered a Mimosa to start; Coffee too, because breakfast without coffee is wrong in my opinion.

I ordered the Farmers Breakfast which included BBQ Lentils, egg, chicken sausage and Canadian bacon. I put the BBQ Lentils on the side because I wasn't sure how I was going to take them since I am not exactly a BBQ person. The egg is served soft and the yolk is perfect for dipping bacon, sausage, or toast; I did all three. The chicken sausage was my favorite part; it was flavorful without over-powering the taste of chicken. It was light on spices which made it a perfect accent to the soft egg I was dipping.

I also got to try the Fried Brioche Bread Pudding. Creme Fraiche, powdered sugar, pomegranate curd and honey. I really put myself out on a limb with this one because Typically I don’t enjoy bread pudding however, this was amazing. However this bread pudding looked like grilled stickies and tasted amazing.

Some of the other notable dishes are the Shaved Pork Shoulder on Brioche with egg patty, American cheese whiz and potato chips. The potato chip alone were outstanding. If you saw them; they were thick and handmade with a powerful crunch however one bite and they melted in your mouth and were light and flaky.

This brunch was different and we were treated to dessert after by the chef. The Popcorn Panna Cotta was so sweet with caramel corn and salted caramel together. It is a level of mousse, salted caramel and caramel popcorn on top. The Lavender Pound Cake was mouthwatering with coconut pudding and pineapple.

The decor of Station is rustic and industrial which makes the art of the dishes a treat to the eyes. All around the restaurant are photos are industry and with some exposed pipes and dark wood the atmosphere is relaxing.

The next time you need brunch in Bloomfield after a late night of karaoke at Caliente, then Station is perfect. Enjoy the Mimosas.