Lavery Brewing

By: Amanda Narcisi

Recently Lavery Brewing made headlines in their local Erie scene by giving back to the community. Jason Lavery, the owner of Lavery Brewing, wanted to take a few vacant lots in Erie and make them home to the hops he needs for his beers. This gave the vacant spots a new life giving to a local business.

Lavery isn’t just local to the Erie beer scene; they have been bottles spotted right here in Pittsburgh, making this brewery part of the western PA beer tours. I recently got to stop into Lavery Brewing on my day trip to Lake Erie.

Lavery isn’t new at all; they have been around since 2009 and they strive to “blend flavors and traditions to bring you some truly innovative ales” according to their website.

The pub itself is fun. It includes an outside deck, the entrance takes you right through the tanks and then it opens to a pub area that is accented by a fireplace and a short bar as well as a huge amount of seating. On this night they had a guy outside making tacos to order.

But on to the beer. For sake of our long drive home we ordered the sampler. It is 6 beers all 4oz pours. Our list included Golden Leopard, Belgian Dubbel, Dulachan India Pale Ale, Devils Dark Side Pumpkin Stout, Vulgar Display of Porter, and Lace Curtain.

I went on record that night as saying the best beer I have ever had was the Dark Side Pumpkin Stout on Nitro. I am a pumpkin beer lover. I don’t usually have one before October, however this was a real treat. It was a rich as a stout should be and had the perfect amount of pumpkin taste. We learned that night that they use real pumpkin in the tanks, not just the spices.

Out of the other beers the Vulgar Display of Porter was amazing. It is a seasonal and doesn’t stay long. The most common Lavery Beer you can find here in Pittsburgh is the Imperial French Ale.

If you are looking for a day trip filled with amazing beers, Lavery Brewing is a great stop along the Lake Erie Ale Trail which has eleven breweries to educate your beer palate. Sounds like an epic trip. Cheers!