Social House 7

By: Amanda Narcisi

Social House 7

One of the best part of eating in downtown restaurants is the variety of food. There are burgers, tacos and fine dining on every block. I sat down at Social House 7 recently for an amazing sushi experience.

I started with a cocktail off the twisted cocktail list. Every cocktail has an Asian flair to a typical drink. I had the Matsumoto which is Wigle bourbon, lemongrass, ginger, angostura bitters and then garnished with a lemon. It was so good I ordered a second with dessert.

Social House 7 is a social dining experience where you should go with a date or a couple of people. You order a few plates of food and they come out in waves. There was three in our party so we each picked one or two appetizers. We then shared and passed around the plates of food.

We started with Grilled Shishido Peppers with Bonito Flakes and sesame oil. As a second appetizer, we shared a Jicama Spring Roll with buckwheat soba noodles and pomegranate mustard.

As our main courses, we started with the Crunchy Spicy Rolls; a giant roll with yellowfin tuna, avocado, scallion and tempura flakes. We also chose two specialty rolls; the Pop Rocks and Chicken Tempura. The Chicken Tempura had cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, teriyaki and spicy aioli. The most interesting dish we ordered was the Pop Rocks. It is a roll that has shrimp, asparagus and avocado. It is then topped with crab stick, tobiko, spicy aioli and Pop Rocks. The Pop Rocks added a sweetness to the already spicy dish.

Fortune Cookie Dessert

When I go out I always round out the meal with dessert. I looked on Social House 7’s Facebook page and saw this huge fortune cookie. I decided that it was the dessert I wanted to try. The Fortune Cookie is a traditional fortune cookie with chocolate mousse inside one end and white chocolate mousse in the other. Then the Fortune Cookie is dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut. We also ordered the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake described as a cross between sponge cake and cheesecake.

Social House 7 is moderately priced and the key to snagging a table is to use Open Table to make a reservation. For more information check out and Facebook and Twitter for events and specials. Cheers!