Quick Bite at The Pear and The Pickle.

By Amanda Narcisi


I traveled to a part of Pittsburgh I never go just for a sandwich and what I got is a taste of small community and hearty food. The name gets anyone scratching their head. The Pear and the Pickle is an homage to the community it calls home: Troy Hill. Troy Hill was once all farmland and neighborhood folklore says a pear orchard was on top. During this time most of the residents worked in the Heinz Plant at the bottom of the hill as Pickle packers. 

The Pear

The Pear and the Pickle is a small storefront on Rialto Street and houses shopping, cafe, and eatery. When I walked in I noticed first the case filled with meat and cheese. Small chalkboards line the ceiling filled with hot and cold sandwiches for Breakfast and lunch. There is also a coffee menu. The Pear and the Pickle serve Stumptown Coffee, one of the best for us coffee connoisseurs. 

There are about 10 tables ranging in size from seating two to four scattered throughout the three rooms. My table was in the corner and upon closer inspection, it is an old sewing table…really cool.

On this visit I enjoyed a Vanilla Latte. I love the foam art.


The Pickle

The food is hearty. That is the best way I can describe it. This food is amazing, flavorful and very beautiful with swirls of Rye Bread and huge Raspberries. I did spy on some of the neighboring tables food. Items like Oatmeal with fruit, big sandwiches and lastly, my own Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.


Served on a toasted buttery bread this sandwich was perfect. The egg is not fried, still has the dippy old that makes a sandwich perfect. The bacon is thick cut and probably cut in-house. You can have your choice of cheeses, I chose American on this trip.

This trip will not be my last. To enjoy The Pear and The Pickle for yourself it is located at 1800 Rialto Street in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill neighborhood. For more information visit pearandpickle.com

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