New Brazilian Steakhouse Brings Fire to Downtown

By: Amanda Narcisi

Gaucho's prepare to take the choice meats to the guests.

Gaucho's prepare to take the choice meats to the guests.

Fogo De Chão mean fire of the earth and is a great way to describe the fire and passion behind this new steakhouse in downtown Pittsburgh. Opening Monday, April 23 and located in the old Saks Fifth Ave, Fogo De Chão is alive with a great atmosphere and food galore. 

We started the evening with a cocktail at the bar. The bar features lots of top-shelf liquors and the Hibiscus cocktail (plain or with berry) was a smooth drink that walloped a punch at the end. Fogo De Chao offers a Happy Hour specializing in South American Wines and craft cocktails. To accompany the amazing steak there is a wine list that is impeccably showcased in a glass wall that separates the main dining area with a private room.

In the center of the main dining area, there is the Market Table and Fejioda Bar. This is a serve yourself area filled with everything from salad to Charcuterie. The arrangement is perfect so you can go from salad to soup very easily and everything is gluten-free. There are an amazing brown sugar and black peppercorn bacon. The charcuterie area was also filled with soft cheeses and a plethora of meat.

The meat comes to your table from an open fire broiler that is showcased behind glass along the wall. You can watch the Gauchos pull the meat from broiler and dress it before they come to the floor to slice tableside. If you have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse you have a coaster on the table that has two sides: “Hold on Food” and “Ready to Go”. When you are ready for more you flip the disc, the gaucho comes and describes a what he has and then slices some off. The meat selection does include beef, chicken, lamb and pork. 

Dinner wouldn't be complete without dessert. The dessert menu had amazing highlights like New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Molten Cake.

Fogo De Chão is set up as one large dining area, however, private rooms are available for rent and can hold up to 100 guests. The dining room was set up in a way that makes it intimate and not loud. 

With the hotels and new attractions coming in the next few years; Fogo De Chao is a great addition to the restaurant scene.  For more information or to make a reservation visit Cheers!