Tiki Party

By: Amanda Narcisi

Dunder Rum-2.jpg

Nothing says summer like a Tiki Party including some rum from our favorite distillery: Wigle Whiskey. Wigle Whiskey is hosting a Tiki Party to kick off another spirit: a Dunder Rum. On Thursday, June 28th and Friday, June 29th there will be two separate events to debut this special rum. 

Dunder refers to the liquid left over after a rum is distilled and in traditional rum making it was added to the fermentation process much like the mash in whiskey making. The starter culture Wigle uses for the Dunder Rum was made with blending molasses and cheese enzymes. The Molasses and cheese then ferment by bacterial fermentation. It is then added to a blackstrap and molasses ferment. Dunder Rum is then aged for one year in an oak barrel; the finished product has hints of banana, brown spice and molasses. 

On Thursday, June 28th at Wigle Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden host a Distiller’s Deep Dive at 6 PM. The Deep Dive will be an intimate tasting where the $12 ticket gets a presentation from a distiller, a flight of rum including the Dunder Rum and a welcome cocktail to kick off the event. A food truck will be available. Presentations begin at 6:30 PM. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at https://www.wiglewhiskey.com/distillers-deep-dive-dunder-rum.


On Friday, June 29th at Wigle Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden host a Tiki Party at 5 PM. This party will be the official release of the Dunder Rum. A master distiller will be on-site for tasting. Wigle will also have two special cocktails for this event. Cousins Main Lobster will be the food truck on site. This event is free, however, Wigle encourages the purchase of a $20 passport. The passport includes a tasting of the Dunder Rum, Two cocktails from the bar that evening and one pour of Perry Cider from Threadbare. Registration is free and visit https://www.wiglewhiskey.com/dunder-rum-release to sign up. 

For more information on Dunder Rum, Wigle Whiskey or the Barrelhouse visit https://www.wiglewhiskey.com. Schedule a tour while you are there! Cheers!