Abide by The Law: Coughlin's Law

By: Amanda Narcisi

“I am not here for a long time, I am here for a good time.”

This is just one of the many “laws” written on the menu of Coughlin’s Law on Mount Washington. The idea of Coughlin’s Law is to have a good time, with good food and great friends. 

The atmosphere is that of a fun bar, there is outdoor seating with a great view, a huge bar and corn hole outside. Pro-tip: the outside can be a bit loud, but the back deck, if you can score a seat, can provide a quiet spot with a gorgeous backdrop of the city.

The menu is laced with amazing food and cocktails with hints of the Tom Cruise 80’s movie. The beer list is 40+ taps strong with rotating beers and other usuals like Yuengling and IC Light. The Cocktails are the real deal when it comes to Coughlin’s Law. The Kind of a Red Eye is a top pick; it is made up of Jim Beam Black, Grand Marnier, cherry cola and orange bitters.

The most ambitious cocktail on the menu is Dr. Turners Novocaine. It is Jim Beam Black, honey syrup, lemon juice and OJ. This cocktail is so wild you have to sign a waiver before you can enjoy. There is a twist to Dr. Turners Novocaine; it comes with a Buzz Button. It is a small fruit that resembles a strawberry. The idea is to eat the fruit and it heightens your taste buds. The shocking part about it is that your mouth goes numb after you eat it for about 5-10 minutes. During this time whatever you eat tastes better and different.


The food menu has an eccentric mix of pub food with fun flair. A notable appetizer was the Bacon Lollipops with Chipotle Syrup. It is bacon with a bourbon brown sugar glaze wrapped up and at the end of a skewer. The Chipotle Syrup is on the side for dipping.

The main dish was a Coughlin’s Burger: Burger with pickles, smoked cheddar, pork belly, chili slaw, bacon jam and smoked aioli. This burger comes with a show as the entire burger is smoked in a bell cover. The fries on the side were crispy and ambitious. 

For dessert, there is an ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream between two sugar cookies.

Coughlin’s Law is located on Mount Washington at 10 Virginia Ave. For more information and for a full menu visit http://www.eatatcoughlinslaw.com