Hollywood Comes for Bakn

By: Amanda Narcisi

Bakn, a popular restaurant in Carnegie that specializes in all things bacon, has been picked for a spot on Ginormous Food on the Food Network. This is no surprise to anyone who has sat down to a heaping Pig Pen Burger. Chef Randy Tozzie, who has been a favorite on local TV, studied for many years to perfect the great bacon menu and has been packing the restaurant since it’s opening in 2015.

Ginormous Food highlights a restaurant that serves over the top plate of food, like in Baltimore where the pancakes are the size of a plate. Other cities that have been highlighted are Cincinnati, Atlanta, Jacksonville and more. Josh Denny is the host, who is originally from Philadelphia, travels the country to find the biggest food including a 5-ft pizza and an 8 pound barbecue sandwich.

Bakn is no stranger to over-the-top food where a BLT has 1 pound of Applewood Smoked Bacon. They have a great menu with lots of bacon infused dishes and cocktails that have bacon in the spirits. Bakn does have theme nights that include a Wednesday Wine and Swine and a Sunday Supper that specializes in a Homestyle Meal.

Join Bakn on June 16th for a debut viewing party of Ginormous Food. Check out the event on Facebook. For more information on Bakn check out www.eatbakn.com and for Ginormous Food here. Bakn is located at 335 East Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15106.