DIY Light-Up Ghost

I'm more than just cooking and baking.  I'm all around crafty.  And, when unsupervised, I could spend days on Pinterest.  With Halloween just around the corner, I like to look at some of the ideas other folks have had with regard to their decorations and fun stuff.  Sometimes I straight-up try things as indicated.  Usually I make some tweaks and make it my own.

When I came across a light-up ghost project, I was sold.  You can check out the original post here (link:  But, the gist of it is using clear packaging tape, a mannequin to mold the tape into a humanesque form, and adding some spiffy lighting to create a 3D spectre.  My head is spinning with some thoughts to add arms and whatnot, but I really like this idea.

And, I wonder how my neighbors would feel about it.