Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Now that we're past Halloween, that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I don't know about you, but I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  Call me a sadist if you will, but I enjoy cooking the turkey, the stuffing, potatoes (you get the idea).  Although I haven't hosted a dinner in the past few years because of scheduling conflicts, I always make it a point to pitch in wherever I find myself for Thanksgiving dinner (usually my in-laws).  


While I intend to share some of my mouth-watering recipes a little later, I wanted to share something for those who may simply be attending and want to pitch in something a little less food-involved for the big day.  


We've all seen those huge holiday dinner tables.  In addition to being overflowing with food, you'll usually see some sort of centerpiece - tying it all in and adding a bit of splash to the dinner table.  Oftentimes, a well-placed centerpiece can also be a great topic of conversation.  


So, whether you're hosting your own dinner and are looking for some centerpiece options, or you find yourself invited to dinner and looking for the perfect thing you can bring to include, we've got some options for you!


1. Pumpkin and Candle Box Centerpiece (from The Idea Room) [LINK:]


2. Fall Hurricane Votives (from Amanda Jane Brown) [LINK:]


3. Gold Pumpkin Table Runner (from A Pumpkin & A Princess) [LINK:]


4. Rustic Fall Centerpiece (from Home Talk) [LINK:]


5. Autum Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder (from Spark and Chemistry) [LINK:]


7. Fall Candle Centerpiece (from That's What Che Said) [LINK:]


hether you're creative or not, there are varying levels of creativity and how-to involved with each of these.  Choose what level you're comfortable with and go from there.  Seriously, one of my favorites (the Fall Candle Centerpiece at #7) is simply tying burlap and leaves around varying height candles and placing them in a decorative candle holder.  It's simple and it's pretty - adding a festive splash of color to the table.  If you're looking for something a little more hands-on, the Mason Jar decoupage (#5) is pretty cool, too. (Who am I kidding?  I know I want to make them all!)