DIY Handwarmers

By: Missy Sorg

It’s winter.  If you live here in the beautiful City of Pittsburgh, that means falling temps with a side of wind chill.  (As I write this little tidbit for your folks, the temperature is a balmy 7° with a “feels like” temp of -6°.  I’m watching the whip the traffic light at the nearby intersection and am thankful I’m not outside in it.  

Even sitting in my nice heated building, it can get a little chilly at times.  For me, it’s hard to keep my hands (fingers) and nose warm during these chilly months.  I was super happy to find a DIY how-to for cute little hand warmers.


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You don’t even need to be super crafty for this project.  All you need are felt cutouts – which you can cut out and form yourself or buy pre-cut in any shape you want, rice (uncooked), and a way to put them together.  (While the project calls for a sewing machine, you can also use some fusible tape and a flat iron or some crafting glue – just make sure that whatever product you use will accommodate heat without unbinding.  You don’t want to heat up your hand warmer and have it come undone after all.)  

Make sure when you put the fabric together you leave enough space (about an inch) to fill it with the rice.  Once you get your “pillow” put together, fill it with rice (be careful not to overfill) and close up the part you used to fill it.

Microwave your hand warmer for 45 seconds, slip into your pocket, and you’re good to go with your handy little hand warmer!

(p.s.  They make really cute and practical gifts if you’re looking for something for someone who works outside or whose hands are always cold.)