Cimmamon Stick Christmas Ornament

By: Missy Sorg

While I normally check out Pinterest throughout the year, it seems Christmas is the time of year when I can spend hours on end pinning recipe ideas and crafting ideas.  I think deep down it reminds me of when I was growing up and there was all sorts of pomp and circumstance (not in a stuffy way, but in a wide-eyed delight kind of way) associated with Christmas.  My mother and grandmother would sew holiday dolls, and do holiday crafts.  It’s how I grew up.  

During one of my recent jaunts through Pinterest, I stumbled upon these cute cinnamon stick Christmas tree decorations.  I think I was intrigued by both their decorative nature and usefulness.  I love the smell of cinnamon.  While I generally dislike traditional car air fresheners, I can completely see using this as a car air freshener replacement.  It’ll take about 5 minutes to get it all together, and I can tell you I have everything I need on hand.  You might need to pick up a couple things, but I’ve got it all ready to go. ;)

What you’ll need:

  • Cinnamon Stick
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun*
  • Scissors

*You don’t actually need this if you don’t have one.  I prefer to use it to make sure my ribbons stay secure.

Tie pieces of ribbon onto the cinnamon stick about ¼” inch apart.  As noted, this is where I would add a dab of glue to keep the ribbon in place.  You can totally just tie the ribbon and knot it off.  Also, don’t worry about making the sides even.  That’s what the scissors are for once you get it all together.  Before you tie the top ribbon in place, you’ll want to add a hanging loop.  Take a piece of ribbon about 5” long and make a loop.  Tuck it into the ribbon you’ll be tying on as the top “branch” of the tree, making sure it is secured in the knotted ribbon.

Now that you have your ribbons tied to the glue stick, take your scissors and cut the ribbons so they form a tree shape.  You can either eyeball it, or – if you’re like me, take a ruler and lay it out so you have a guide.  Then, mark each ribbon with a pencil or marker where you’ll need to cut it.
Congratulations!  You have a holiday ornament that also offers a nice cinnamon scent.  I’ll be hanging mine from the rearview mirror in my car this holiday season so I can enjoy it while I’m running holiday errands.  

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