St Patrick's Mason Jar Gift

We all have that co-worker who brings the cutest things to work to celebrate holidays.  In my office, that person is generally me.  However, that person can easily be you!  How easy you ask?  
As easy as putting candy in a jar.  (Please don’t take the candy from a baby, but this project really is that easy.)

What you’ll need:

Mason Jar (preferably with lid)*
Rolo Candies
Red Jelly Beans
Orange Jelly Beans
Yellow Jelly Beans
Green Jelly Beans
Blue Jelly Beans
Purple Jelly Beans
Rainbow Ribbon

How to Do It:

Take the mason jar.  Make sure it’s been washed.  We don’t want you putting candy into a dirty jar.
Put the Rolos in the bottom of the jar.
Add a layer of jelly beans at a time, starting with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.**
Put the lid on the jar and tie the rainbow ribbon around the lid for decoration.

There, you just made a super easy gift that will brighten up your co-worker’s day!
* I would choose to use small jars – one for each of my co-workers.  But, my department is relatively small.  If I was doing this in a larger setting, I’d likely do a larger jar and have it sit at my desk.
** If you’re feeling especially crafty, try filling the jar on its side so the rainbow is vertical instead of horizontal.  

Credit to Uncommon Designs via Pinterest for the idea.  But, it’s a really cute idea.