DIY Wedding Invites

By: Missy Sorg

In fitting with the DIY wedding projections, I wanted to share this one that is near and dear to me - primarily because I CRAFTED THESE! My soon-to-be-sister-in-law (marrying my husband's brother) asked me to be her matron of honor for her wedding.  I'm honored.  Really.  And, it means that I get to help with some of the wedding miscellany - including the invitations.  

For those of you who know me, I'm a little bit crafty.  Knowing that the happy couple wanted some unique invitations that wouldn't break the bank, I set the bride-to-be on a course to find invitations she liked so I would have an idea of what they (we all know it's really "she") wanted.  After looking through hundreds of invitation styles, it came down to a cute cut-out invitation.


Given the intricacy of the cutout however, we realized it would become super expensive to have them dye-cut.  Opting for a more craft-inspired option, we tried using the sample as a stencil - dabbing paint to transfer the design to the paper.


However, it quickly became apparent that the little cut-out parts were filling with paint.  By the time we got through about 25 invitations doing them this way, the design started looking less whimsical and more spattered.


In an effort to find a supplemental version, I hit up my local craft store.  Although they didn't have a stencil anywhere similar to the one we were crafting the invitations from, I opted for something that was usable, and sent a sample picture to the bride-to-be to get her thoughts.


Once we stamped out about 175 invitations, we started putting together the invitations - to find out that the sample invitation was slightly larger than the envelopes we were going to put the invitations in for mailing.  (Uh-oh.)  Weighing our options, we determined that cutting the invitations down wouldn't work with the way the paint had stamped on the edges.  

In doing my best to find a quick solution - I actually stumbled back to the original cut-out that the bride-to-be had loved from the start.  Grabbing my scissors and exacto knife, I trimmed the invitations down to the proper size to fit in the envelopes, and I cut out the image.  Realizing that the stencil image we had used was a little more intricate and was creating some issues with the stability of the paper when it was cut out, I changed to a slightly modified pattern fit more for cut-out designs.


(If you haven't figured it out, the colors are green and silver.)  Using a shimmery silver paper, we cut out an overlay to place on top of the green paper.


To finish things off, we printed out the wedding invitation language on a white piece of paper that was cut into a heart shape and pasted it all together with the point of the heart in the lower left corner and the heart rising toward the left below the scrolled cut-out.  Although I didn't get a full picture of the finished project, the bride-to-be was over the moon about them.  

(p.s.  If I can remember to get a picture of mine when it comes in the mail, I’ll try to add it in the comments or amend the post.  Unfortunately, I’ve moved on to other matron of honor tasks like planning the bridal shower.  So, I’m sure you’ll be seeing some DIY from that project next month!)