Cupcake Costume

By: Missy Sorg


Pinterest is my rabbit hole.  This is why I try to avoid it at all costs.  However, when you're looking for a last-minute Halloween costume - it is a great resource.  

If you're like me and trying to figure out a quick, easy, and cost-effective costume idea for Halloween, we've got you covered!

Pinterest brought to my attention a cupcake costume (via  This one is right up my alley since I'm a huge fan of cupcakes.  While Costume Works suggests using a plastic tub as the frame for the cupcake bottom, it's not the route I'm looking to go. But, it makes a great framework to start out some planning!  Here's my suggested route for making this one happen.  

What you'll need:

  • - A pair of suspenders.
  • - Scissors or a knife.
  • - A large hula hoop. (Bigger than your chest - largert than the small hula hoop.)
  • - A smaller hula hoop. (Bigger than your hips - smaller than the large hula hoop.)
  • - A fabric curtain with large grommets. (Something like a shower curtain would be great for this.)
  • - Polyester fill.
  • - Medium-sized crafting cut-out shapes.
  • - Duct tape.
  • - Hot glue.
  • - Stapler.

How to make it:

  1.  Cut the large hula hoop so it is no longer a continuous loop, and is open-ended.
  2.  Feed the freshly cut hula hoop through the grommets on the curtain.  Make sure the pretty side of the curtain is facing out.  
  3.  Reconnect the hula hoop where you cut it, and secure it with duct tape or hot glue.  Just make sure it won't pop open afterwards.
  4.  Tighten down the suspenders so they easily reach across your shoulders and can connect across the large hula hoop.  (This is what's going to hold the cupcake up on you.)  Lengthen or shorten the suspenders to get the cupcake to the level you want it on yourself, but keep in mind we'll be adding "icing" in a little bit.
  5.  Now to get rid of the excess length!  Once you determine how long you want your cupcake wrapper to be, mark the length with a pin or a marker so you have it.  Place the smaller hula hoop inside the curtain and fold it up the inside of the curtain back to the top.  If there's a lot at the top - depending on how long you made it, you can cut off the excess.  Using a stapler or some hot glue, fasten the bottom of the curtain to the top of the curtain making a baggie of sorts holding your small hula hoop.
  6.  When you're finished fastening the bottom to the top, you should have a cup of sorts.  Staple or glue the back seam to finish it off.
  7.  Congratulations!  You have a cupcake bottom.  And, unlike the poster board version, this is one that's a little more flexible and will allow you to sit without crumpling your cupcake wrapper.  
  8.  Now it's time to work on the icing.  Glue some polyester fill around the top hula hoop.  Let it come down along the side - just like icing on a cupcake.  Make it fluffy to fill in the top as much as you'd like.
  9.  Now, it's time to add some decorations!  Use the crafting cutouts to decorate the polyester fill.  I suggest using hot glue to help the cutouts stick to the polyester fill.  Even if they are self-adhesive, the adhesive may or may not stick well to the polyester fill.
  10.  You may need to readjust your suspenders depending on how tall your icing is, but otherwise, you're ready to rock.

As far as the cherry on top is concerned, you can roll with the pictured ball.  Other options include a red ribbon (either a nice flat version or a puffy version), or even a red beret.  

p.s.  Ladies, all you need to do to use the ladies' room is either slip out the bottom of the costume, or hike up the small hula hoop.  There's no fuss of a stiff costume making it difficult to move around.  Added bonus - this works with a cute skirt, leggings, or straight-up pants.