The Mighty Nest

By: Amanda Narcisi

I got introduced to The Mighty Nest in April and decided to give it’s monthly subscription a chance. I have never done a subscription box before but this one that could help the environment.

The Mighty Nest sells products that help the environment. Items include glass lunch containers, lunch boxes, water bottles and organic soaps. Each product promotes a healthy home and family.

For Earth Day they ran a special on their monthly box called The Mighty Fix. The subscription is $10.00 per month or $99 a year and the item they send has a retail value of over $10.00. You also get a chance to add items to the shipment and no additional shipping charge. There is also the opportunity to gift The Mighty Fix for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

My first Mighty Fix did arrive a few days later. It contained a set of three wool dryer balls. The wool dryer balls are able to be thrown into hundreds of loads of laundry during the drying stage. They are designed to cut the time of dryer use and doesn't use chemicals like a plastic one. They can also have a few drops of essential oil added to them for a scent of your choice. It also means no dryer sheets so no landfill or cost to your wallet. I am excited to try them.

If you are interested in The Might Nest, check them out at or on Facebook.