Palermo Stone Gives You Whiplash

By: Amanda Narcisi

Palermo Stone

When you meet Palermo Stone you meet a humble man who gets the hustle, struggles and the grind that makes you successful. He proclaims that he is just a musician, father and husband, but if you listen hard enough you hear the deep rhythm of an entrepreneur.

His latest single, Whiplash is best played loud and in the car, with the windows down and a pair of sunglasses on. It is the follow up to HenDawg Millionaire which was a huge hit last year. He did some great shows in Pittsburgh and surrounding states.  He is also the founding member of R.A.R.E Nation; a Pittsburgh-based music and art entertainment company whose primary goal is to bring the life and musicality back to hip hop. Listen to Whiplash below; NSFW.

We look forward to the rest of the album to drop.

Palermo Stone Whiplash