Glitter and Grit Shines a Bright Light on a New Artist

By: Amanda Narcisi

Kelley Jeanne is bringing her soul filled stories to the masses of Pittsburgh in her debut album, Glitter n’ Grit, describing life, some days are filled with Glitter and others with Grit.

Kelley Jeanne debuts Glitter n’ Grit

Kelley Jeanne debuts Glitter n’ Grit

Kelley was always a star

Kelley began at a very early age loving the stage. Growing up in a military family, Kelley moved a lot as a child, the only thing that stayed the same was her love of music. When Kelley was eighteen she moved to Pittsburgh to attend school. She has since lived in Pittsburgh and found her voice and she started performing with Masterworks Concert Chorale. With the support of her fiancé and high school sweetheart, Paul, she began the transformation into Kelley Jeanne and debuts her voice.

Life is Glitter n’ Grit

Glitter n’ Grit is life. Sometimes it shines and other times it is gritty. It has moments of desperation, highs of joy and the lowest of low. Glitter n’ Grit is a relatable album for everyone because even if you don’t experience a feeling, someone you know does. It is soulful and bluesy, not poppy and over synthesized. It is the type of album you can listen and just think.

The first single off of Glitter n’ Grit, One More Mile, can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music or below.

Glitter n’ Grit Debuts on November 30th and will be available for purchase or download on all streaming platforms. Follow Kelley Jeanne on Instagram, Facebook and for more information and to purchase the album

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