By: Amanda Narcisi

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February is always filled with love and amazing stories of couples coming together. JST FRNDS is no different as they make their debut in February with the single “All Night Long”. JST FRNDS is the duo of Callie Dixon and Gabe Neal. JST FRNDS is electro-pop; which comes from recent influences and the power-couples own style.

Callie and Gabe met on Instagram, very hip in today’s social driven world, where each one of them were struggling with their music career. Gabe Neal was residing in Atlanta where he attempting a career at songwriting while Callie Dixon was feeling stuck here in Pittsburgh as a pop singer. Shortly after their connect became real they embarked on a tour together. During the tour they were thrust into a tragic car accident that made them closer then before. 

“All Night Long” has a mesmerizing track produced by Mantra with lyrics like “I really shouldn't pick up the phone, cause texting leads to talking and talking leads to loving in my sheets” were written mostly by JST FRNDS. 

On Friday February 16th “All Night Long” Debuts and you can follow where to listen and other announcements from JST FRNDS on Instagram and Twitter.