Interview by: Amanda Narcisi


Benji is a new force bringing light to the hip-hop scene in Pittsburgh reminding his listeners to smile. His newest album, Smile, You’re Alive came at a time when the artist needed it the most. In our newest series we ask Pittsburgh musicians the same five questions to find out what makes them inspired. Below is our set with Benji.

Amanda: Who is your biggest influence?

Benji: My biggest influence is Thundercat. He's my favorite bass player but the way he blends and bends genres with his style of play and his music push me to do the same. My brother Christo as well because he's always been the one I've looked to for guidance and one of the big reasons if not the biggest reason why I got into recording music and production in the first place.

Amanda: If you could perform with one artist who would it be?

Benji: If I could perform with anyone it would definitely be Anderson .Paak. I could just see it now with him playing drums and rapping/singin with me playing bass and rapping/singing that would be a wild show.

Amanda: Do you have a favorite performance? If so what was it?

Benji: My favorite show to date has to be when me and Slim Tha DJ traveled to West Virginia for a show a couple of days after traveling cross-country to Montana for a show. I still think hands down it was the best performance him and I have done as a duo. The crowd was a little stand-offish after the first two songs but we hooked them in with the third and it was a party for the rest of the night after that.

Amanda: I ask this of everyone: Favorite food or restaurant?

Benji: I really love tacos. Las Palmas have the best tacos in the city, Doce on the South Side is also really really good.

Amanda: What do you see on the horizon for 2019?

Benji: In 2019 I see a tour happening. I don't know who's gonna pick me up to go on the road with them but I can feel it being a big one. I also see a sold out show in Pittsburgh by the end of the year at Mr. Smalls if we continue to grow and stay on the path we're on right now.

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