Meet the New Way to Find Music in Pittsburgh

By: Amanda Narcisi

In Pittsburgh, we have had some fantastic advances in the last five years. We had the tech community, then restaurants and breweries opened everywhere, but what is next? I have the prediction that music and art will be next.

I remember spending most of my 21st year on this planet club hoping and listening to live music in clubs like Nicks Fat City and The Rex Theater. I saw Pittsburgh favorite music like The Clarks and Original Low.

Nowadays, the music scene fluctuates. There are die-hard fans that have their favorites and amazing festivals like the Millvale Music Fest. New bars are opening like Wolfies that have fantastic music nights that are packed with raw fresh talent. 

The New Way

Finding local music is probably the toughest thing right now. I thumb through the City Paper glancing at the ads fro Drusky and who is coming to what venue. But what about the smaller bands? What about single artists?

LPM logo.jpg

Last month launched a solution to the who, what and where of music in Pittsburgh. Love Pgh Music is the new initiative just to answer these questions. The non-profit is already launch and declaring July to be Love PGH Music Month. Included in Love PGH Music is a full website including an Online Events Calendar. July will bring sponsored shows and events to highlight the artists.

Meet the Team

The team behind Love PGH Music is:

  • Thomas Agnew, BOOM Concepts

  • Chris Boles, Redfishbowl

  • Abby Goldstein, Public Radio Program Directors, Inc.

  • Christiane Leach, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

  • Karen Lightell, Red House Communications

  • Bethany Ruhe, Pittsburgh Current

  • Mike Sauter, WYEP 91.3

  • Derek Scalzott, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

  • Cody Walters, Deutschtown Music Festival, Northside Leadership Conference


The most beautiful thing about Love PGH Music is it covers all genres; whether your a fan of jazz, hip hop or rock, the idea is for the music fans to find the music. Are you a fan or musician? Would you like to get involved? Follow Love PGH Music on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Want to check out a show? Visit for more information.

Did you know I love music? Are you a Musician? Visit our music page and drop us a line!