Mount Washington

By: Amanda Cooney

A feeling of nostalgia rushes over me every time I visit Mt. Washington. I think of the days when was a kid and we would visit my grandma. I remember driving up McArtle Roadway and looking up under the Mon Incline, then peering out over the city on Grandview. I knew we were close when I saw the mural at the end of Shiloh St. on Southern Ave. When we would arrive, my grandma and her dog would be in the doorway to greet us.

Usually when we were there, my sister and I would play dress up with a box of old clothes and jewelry, my grandma would order pizza and hoagies from La Tavola (we knew it as “Joe’s”) on Boggs Ave., and when it arrived, we would sit at her dining room table and eat as a family. 

Later on, as an adult, I spent a summer living at my grandma’s house and was able to get out and experience more of what Mt. Washington had to offer. I would make my way to Virginia Ave. to the Foodland (now a Shop N Save) to get my weekly groceries. Sometimes I would order takeout from the Golden Palace (now called Sesame Garden) on Shiloh St. or go get ice cream from DiFiore’s. That summer I turned 21 and purchased my first bottle of alcohol at the Mt. Washington Wine and Spirits shop. It’s kind of funny that even though you are in the neighborhood with the best view of the city, you really don’t ever have to leave to get what you need or to have a good time.

Although my grandma has passed and I no longer have family living on the Mount, I still like to keep some traditions alive, but sometimes new rituals are fun too. I stopped Packs and Dogs on my latest adventure to Mt. Washington. With a huge selection of craft and domestic beers paired with some intriguing hot dog combinations, I can see a new tradition beginning here. 

Mt. Washington hosts some of the fanciest restaurants in town with million dollar views including Altius, Monterey Bay, and the famous Le Mont. But if you are looking for something more down-to-earth, we recommend seeing our friends at the Shiloh Grill, La Tavola (best Italian hoagie EVER!), the Summit, Red Beards, and the Micro Diner. Don’t forget to stop by Grandview Bakery for dessert or go to DiFiore’s Ice Cream Delite and head to the “mushrooms” to see all the sites!

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