A Heaping TBSP of Sweetness for Mt Oliver

By: Amanda Narcisi

The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is filled with incubators. We have two restaurant incubators and a ton of tech incubators and now Pittsburgh will welcome its first Bakery Incubator.

The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh or TBSP will open its doors this summer and bring four aspiring bakers to the neighborhood of Mt Oliver. Backed by The Hillman Foundation and Economic Development South, the four bakers will have the next year to hone skills and serve the city all the deliciousness they can create. 

TBSP will occupy the Kullman Bakery; a bakery that operated for 60 years in the Mt. Oliver community. Mt Oliver at one time had four operating bakeries for its small radius. The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh didn't change many things inside of the building. Upstairs, where most of the behind the scenes will take place, is filled with vintage items like a dough roller and mixer standing next to a new oven. Downstairs is still filled with coolers and cases dating back in time. Those cases are eager to be filled with cupcakes and cookies. Local art will grace the walls and in the next few weeks, the local stories of the building and previous tenant will start to appear around the shop.


Getting ready for opening day is four talented bakers. Christina Decker, Christopher Hoffman, Jewel Edwards and Sam Cobbett were the first picked to fill such cases. During TBSP’s Open House, there were samples of fresh bread, cakes and a Pittsburgh Cookie Table fit for any yinzer wedding. We sampled Christina Deckers Raspberry Brownie. Christina made the raspberry preserves herself and mixed them into the chocolate ganache that graced the top of this rich brownie. Other cookies from the spread included a chocolate walnut brownie, lady locks and apricot thumbprints.

TBSP is set to open mid-summer and is located at 225 Brownsville Road in the city’s Mt Oliver neighborhood. For more information visit https://tbspgh.com.