Beauty – At Home Eyebrows

Flawless brows are a must have for every look, but you don’t have to go to a salon to have a great pair. If you want BOLD brows, you can do it on the cheap at home. Learn from my mistakes, and uses these tricks to shape your own eyebrows in front of your bathroom mirror. Here’s what you need in your tool kit:

-White chalk

-Eyeliner pencil

-Tweezers and/or wax strips

-Powder that matches your eyebrow color

I consider myself the Thomas Edison of eyebrows; I’ve only figured out what works because I’ve tried everything that can possibly go wrong. Wire thin eyebrows, wildly untamed eyebrows, mismatched eyebrows, accidentally waxing a hole through an eyebrow – I’ve done it all.

I’ve found the trick for perfect eyebrows at home is mapping out the shape you want for both eyebrows before you get excited and start removing hair. First, take your eyeliner pencil and make a dot for the key points of your eyebrows: where they start near the bridge of your nose, where they arch, and where they end near the outer corner of your eye. Next, take your white chalk and color the parts of your eyebrow you want to remove. This way, you can get an idea of the shape of your finished eyebrows before it’s too late. If you don’t like what you see, take it all off with a make-up wipe and start over.

Once you’re 100 percent sure, take your tweezers (or if you’re brave, wax strips), and take off any hairs you colored with your white chalk. If you’re waxing, cut the strips into tiny pieces so it’s harder to make a mistake.

When the unwanted hair is gone, you can even everything out and further define your brows with your powder.

That’s it! A great pair of eyebrows can be the starting point for a bold, made-up look, or they can keep you looking pulled together when you’re wearing no make-up at all.

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