SkyZone Fitness

By: Renee Fisher

Did you know that jumping on a trampoline provides a great cardio session, builds your leg muscles, and tones your abs?  If you’re looking for a unique indoor workout this winter, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a must-try. I hopped on into their new location in Monroeville, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!



Since it was my first time at SkyZone, I opted for the 30 minute “open jump” session at $12. After signing a waiver, donning the mandatory orange SkySocks, and listening to the park rules, I headed to the “adult” section of the giant trampoline. Sky Zone separates the jumpers by age and size, so even though there were a lot of children, I didn’t have to worry about getting in their way. Although, when I started jumping, I sure did feel like a kid again! My legs began to burn after just 10 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline (granted, I am pretty out of shape after the holiday season). However, I was amazed at how high I could fly with each jump; I don’t remember by friends’ backyard trampolines ever being this bouncy!



As well as the regular trampoline, SkyZone has a trampoline dodge ball court, basketball hoops, and foam pit that you can jump or even flip into. SkyZone is great afternoon out for the whole family but would also be a blast with a group of adults who are kids at heart. At 10pm on Saturdays, the Monroeville location has 14+ nights if you want to avoid little kids. (Too bad they don’t have a 21+ night, too, am I right?!) SkyZone also offers “SkyRobics” instructor-led aerobics classes. They’re not yet available at their new Monroeville location, but as soon as they are, I’ll be the first one to sign up!

For more information about SkyZone, check out their website at Happy jumping!