Bend to the Bar

By: Amanda Narcisi

“Up on your toes, bend your knees and go down, down and up, up…” 

  • My thighs burned.

  • My legs shaking.

  • I loved every second of it.

The Barre Class

Barre Class is a new fitness that combines ballet and the love of a wall bar and yoga. You twist and contort your body and then stretch and bend like a ballerina. Barre Class starts with arms, moves to legs and lastly the abdomen.


There are many aids to the class, so if you don’t think you can bend a certain way or hold your leg up, there are straps and blocks to prop up your back. When starting with arms, you use a small weight like 2 or 3 lbs. Then there is the bar. The bar resembles that of a ballet class, attendees use it for everything from balance to placing their feet on the bar and bending. 

The Bar Method Wexford

The Bar Method in Wexford recently opened with a full calendar of classes. The studio has an ample workout space for the class, a sink and vanity, locker room area, fresh towels, and childcare, prices range from a single course being $25.00 to a 20 class package for $320.00. Located inside is also a small shop with athletic wear, socks, and accessories. For full class schedule, prices and general information visit