The Allegheny Inn

There is something magical when you walk through the front door and into a home that is over 100 years old. The Allegheny Inn is the most recent addition to Deuschtown and it is a sight that transforms you back in time.

There is still some work to be done before the planned opening, but I got a taste of what the new Bed and Breakfast will offer guests. The original woodwork is very present in the entire house and it was the first thing I noticed as I entered through the front door. I was also greeted by this extremely beautiful wooden carving of a lady that was attached to the banister. 


Off to the left was taped off for it was still under construction, but I was told it was going to become a parlor for guests to sit and read or enjoy the atmosphere. There were whispers of a piano to be installed, however I that cannot confirm that at this time. 

Continuing down the hallway, music filled the elegant dining area. On this night they had a catered event with all types of goodies from Sinful Sweets. The next room was the kitchen. It still needed its components, however they have added an abstract floor and ceiling pattern made of black and white tile. Once it is completed, it will truly be a sight to see.
From the kitchen, I stepped outside to where there was a food truck, Cool Beans, was waiting for us. Off to the left, just beyond the patio, there is a brick side walkway that features a fountain, some plants, and some tables for outdoor enjoyment. 

Each room upstairs was staged with amazing antique and unique furniture. Most rooms have a fireplace and some had interesting features like a bench seat that held books. The rooms upstairs have the original flooring. Each bathroom is outfitted with a claw foot tub and there is rumors of rain shower heads from above in each room. 

After the final floor there are stairs to heaven...well, that’s what they seemed to be. In reality it is a wooden staircase that leads to the roof. There are whispers of a small gathering area up there where you can see to downtown on a fireworks night. 


I didn't mention the basement because I want it to be a surprise, but you seriously need to see it for yourself.

From the roof to the basement there is all kinds of uniqueness that should be in a city bed and breakfast. The amazingness that The Allegheny Inn will bring to Pittsburgh will include events and a great place for couples to stay. We can't wait till the official opening.