Guys and Dolls Review

By: Amanda Narcisi

When the lights came up on Pittsburgh Public Theatre on the opening night of Guys and Dolls we were immediately taken back in time to illegal craps games, hot box dancers and dames.

Guys and Dolls is about Nathan Detroit runs an underground and illegal craps game. When his usual hideouts fall through he is forced to have the game at the local garage for the price of $1000. To come up with the money, he decides to take a bet with Sky Masterson that he cannot escort the local Mission leader, Sarah Brown, to Havana for the evening. Sky and Sarah had no idea the trip would result in them falling in love. Nathan Detroit also has his own love story in the play where he and Adeline, the top dancer at the Hot Bouys and Dolls is full of gambling when Sky and Sarah have a deal of their own for one dozen sinners to fill the mission prayer group if Sarah will go to Havana for dinner.

Sky Masterson is played by the heartthrob and local CMU grad Charlie Brady. Kimberly Dorreen Burns who starred in Camelot and My Fair Lady plays the captivating Sarah Brown. Nathan Detroit played by Joel Hurt Jones is joined by the broadway veteran Kirsten Wyatt. 

Another featured player is Quinn Patrick Shannon who plays Nicely Nicely has local Pittsburgh roots and has everyone tapping their toes to “Sit Down Your Rockin the Boat”. All of the additional characters included Gavan Pamer as Benny Southstreet, Sharon Schaller as General Cartwright, Joe Jackson as Rusty Charlie, and Larry John Meyers as Arvide Abernathy. 

The entire cast brings a fire to the “Great American Musical”. They will have you singing and dancing in your seats. The music is led by the Musical Director F. Wade Russo who leads a live orchestra under the stage. 

The stage is set perfectly to reflect the time with an old newsstand, a pub, hotel, mission and the New York underground. In an instant the stage was transformed into Havana when Sky and Sarah went flying away for their dinner away. 

Overall the Pittsburgh Public Theater put a spice into Guys and Dolls that will have you singing, laughing and dancing. Showtimes through the end of February at various times. Reserve tickets at