A Wigle Vodka

By: Amanda Narcisi

Vodka is known for its odorless and colorless purity. Whiskey, especially Wigle Whiskey is known for its flavor and complexity. Combine the complexity Wigle with the purity of Vodka and you have Trope.

Trope is named after azeotrope which means the mixing of two liquids. Trope, Wigle’s first Vodka is distilled from the same batch that make up the Wigle Ginever. Vodka must be distilled into a spirit without any distinctive characteristics. Vodka must also be distilled to 190 proof and Trope is distilled to 190.1. The unique thing about Trope is that it begins with the usual flavorlessness of a vodka it has the aftertaste of sweetness and herbal brightness from the original Ginever.

Trope was to be released on Earth Day, however Wigle had to postpone due to a label mishap. So on June 24th there will be a new celebration with a bit of wiggle fun. (see that pun) Wigle will debut Trope with a celebration that will include a Jello salad competition hosted by Rick Sebak. There will also be a Trope Dirty Martini, Jello shots and dip dyeing. A true 60's vodka bash. 

Tickets are $12 and you can purchase them at wiglewhiskey.com.