Millvale Music Festival

By: Amanda Narcisi

When it comes to music in Pittsburgh there has always been a slew of local acts and tons of places to go and see them. Music festivals are no exceptions that pop-up in small towns all around the city.

The newest music festival to come to Pittsburgh is the Millvale Music Festival. Millvale has spent the last few years changing and becoming a great neighborhood that housed new breweries and some new restaurants. It was the new cultural and businesses that fueled this new endeavor by the community.

The day-long event will take place on May 13th and will feature over 100 bands in a dozen venues. Anticipated venues include Mr. Smalls, Draai Laag Brewing and Grist House Brewing. The great thing about the venues is they are intimate settings and within walking distances of one another.

The Millvale Music Festival is now accepting submissions for musical acts, stage hosts, and
volunteers. They are asked to go to to make these submissions.

Sponsors are also encouraged to contact Liz Tripoli at

To get information on attending the festival check out the Facebook page. Also, stay tuned to The Rivers Edge for more information as it gets closer to the event.