You Gotta Flugtaga

By: Amanda Narcisi

During the time you utter the phrase “You Gotta Regatta” you are also going to say “You Gotta Fugtag”. This is the year that Red Bull Flugtag comes to Pittsburgh during the 40th annual Three Rivers Regatta. Pittsburgh will join the ranks of places like Boston, Nashville and Toronto as the newest place to host the wettest and whackiest competition this city has ever seen.

This week Red Bull announced 40 teams for the Flugtag. Forty is nearly triple what the “Anything That Floats Race” has attracted in previous years. The event will take place on August 5th and will be the event of the weekend to see. During the competition 40 teams design, build and pilot homemade flying machines that will launch from a 22-foot high deck and either fly along the Allegheny River or crash into it with a splash.

Most of the teams have submitted ideas that have a Pittsburgh flair. Some will include a dutch clog, a parmanti bros sandwich and even a flying parking chair. There is even a trip to everyones favorite neighborhood with a nod to Mr. Rogers. Each team came up with a theme, costume and dance or routine to go along with the craft.

The teams that are building the crafts come from all over the city. They range from CMU and Pitt Engineers to local Bloggers and Tech Hackers. Check out all forty teams on the Red Bull’s Website.

The Three Rivers Regatta takes place from August 4-7th and will include a Kids Zone, Powerboat Races and the return of the Ferris Wheel. Festivities will include live concerts and attractions all over Point State Park, North Shore and all three rivers. Check out the full list of activities at