Midnight Radio Celebrates 10 years with Frankenstein.

By: Amanda Narcisi

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Briclodge celebrates the 10th anniversary of Midnight Radio with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Midnight Radio has spent the last decade bringing the audience amazing shows that bring actors back intake by using sound effects and vocal stretches to mimic the radio shows of 1940’s. In the past Midnight Radio has brought original plays as well as classics like A Christmas Story and War of the Worlds. Artistic Director Jeffrey Carpenter will direct the Midnight Radio’s Frankenstein and will keep it close to the original 1818 novel.

Mary Shelly’s 1818 novel focuses on Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist determined to reanimate life. Victor created this new human through a series of experiments that resulted in a “monster” that drove Victor mad. 

Bricolage’s Principle Creative and Co-Founder, Tami Dixon is adapting the play from novel to Midnight Radio version. “What inspiring and timely material to sink our teeth into!” says Ms. Dixon about why the company chose to adapt Shelley’s novel. “We were attracted to the powerful themes of pride, fear, isolation, and rejection that Ms. Shelly so cunningly explores in her magnificent debut novel. What trauma this 18-year old writer must have experienced to write so acutely what it’s like to be forsaken. What monstrous lengths we go to in the pursuit of recognition.”

Despite Frankenstein is one of the more serious plays that Midnight Radio has performed there will still be humor through the witty commercial breaks and cheeky humor. Prior to the show is the Bricolodge’s Happy Hour with retro activities and themed cocktails.

Midnight Radio’s Frankenstein runs November 1st through 10th in Bricolage's theater at 937 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA. The doors open 30 minutes before show time for Happy Half-hour. General Admission tickets are $35 with discounted rates available for students, children, and groups. Tickets can be purchased at www.BricolagePGH.org or by calling 412-471-0999.