The Pierogis of Pittsburgh

By: Amanda Narcisi


Pittsburgh and food festivals have been a perfect pair for many years. Pittsburgh has Picklesburgh, Little Italy Days and now, for its annual return the Pierogi Festival.

This Delectable Dumpling

A Pierogi is a form of dumpling, filled with sweet or savory, and cooked in boiling water or pan-fried. The filling is where most chefs get creative. There are standard Potatoes and onions, some opt for chocolate, and some add seafood and meat. It’s unique shape; a shell-like form can be a main dish or an appetizer. Typically a Pierogi is topped with butter, onions or Sour Cream. Pierogi are m most popular in cities with Polish, Ukrainian and Ruthene populations like Pittsburgh, 

A Festival for the Dumpling

Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival, September 22nd, 2019, Kennywood Park

Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival, September 22nd, 2019, Kennywood Park

On September 22nd Kennywood will be filled with Pierogi vendors along with music and rides. Tickets, $24 preorder and $28 at the door,  include Free Parking, access to the festival, sponsor giveaways, live entertainment, and activities. Kennywood classic rides like The Merry-Go-Round, Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit, Racer, Turtle, and Noah’s Ark included in the ticket price. Children tickets are available for $12.00 preorder or at the door. 

Musicals acts include Unnecessary Polka, Mon Valley Push (Polka), Pandemic, and Meeting of Important People. Vendors and sponsors are updated closer to the event. Visit for tickets and more information.