Art Attack Pittsburgh is a monthly event held at the Rex Theater on Carson St in Pittsburgh’s South Side. Inspired by a similar Canadian event observed by creator and director, Ed Lightcap, this live painting competition features 10-12 artists contending for the a chance at the final round in November.  Although the Pittsburgh-based event started in May of 2015, it is increasingly picking up well-deserved popularity; it is unlike anything I have ever seen, yet, the concept is obvious and astounding in the best way possible.

Each event comprises of three rounds of painting with live entertainment in between. The first two rounds consist of 5-6 artists competing against each other by creating an original piece within 30 minutes in front of a live audience. After each preliminary round, the audience casts their vote for their favorite painting and while the musical guests perform, the votes are counted; the top two winners from the first two rounds go to the third and final round. 

The final round is the same premise of the first and second rounds – 30 minutes to paint an original piece. The difference, though, is that the top two winners go to the finals in November where they battle for the grand prize including $500 in gift cards to local art supply stores, six months free studio space at 448 Studios in Etna, and an Unblurred gallery show.

I was able to attend their last event in July; which was hosted by emcee Stoph Edison and included music from DJ Keeb$, Bad Custer, and The John Tremaine Show. I had heard of the Art Attack from some friends and got a rundown of what was going to take place, but in order to truly understand what happens, you have to see it. The talent of the people in Pittsburgh is incredible and rather exceptional. As a city we are so diverse and it showed through this event; each participant created works that were very different from one another, but all were beautiful and intriguing. It is awesome that an event like this can be put together and have it be so successful while not sacrificing authenticity and creativity. 

If you are interested in attending Art Attack, check out for details on the next event in September. Also, connect on Facebook by liking Art Attack Pittsburgh and follow @ArtAttackPGH on Twitter!