Trax Farms

By: Steve Fernald

Fun things to do in the fall while the weather in October in Pittsburgh can be anything but stable is a pumpkin patch. Though there are several out there to choose from; there are two large and main farms to choose. If you live in the North Hills that would be Sorgels Orchards in Wexford and the one we chose is in the South Hills which is Trax Farms in Finleyville.

Trax Farm is a large farm that offers fresh produce, honey, sauces, grains, and much more.  The shopping market is huge and broken up into three main rooms. Leave plenty of time to look at everything because you might miss something if you rush. The main room contains fresh produce, fresh pastries, homemade sauces, butters, dips, honey, a deli area and cheese selections with a section for local wine and also a six pack (bottle shop) area with wide variety including several local beers. This is the area that tends to have the biggest crowd.

Above the fresh produce area there is a antique shop that you could spend hours in as well as a large mortgage payment. I highly suggest going upstairs and taking a look around, you never know, you might find something you have always wanted.

The last room is also huge and contains the fresh food area and more of crafty retail area. The fresh food area has hot and cold foods that you can eat and enjoy while at Trax Farms. Apple Dumplings, funnel cakes, sandwiches; just to name a few.  The retail market has mostly holiday decorations, wood furniture and lots of trinkets.

Trax Farm has other activities like the hay rides up to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin which is great for the whole family. If your not inclined to do the hay ride and all, they have hundreds of pumpkins and corn stocks to pick from in the tented areas. They also hold an adult hay ride and bonfire on Wednesday nights. You can purchase beer in the 6 pack shop, take the tractor pulled hay ride up to a bon fire and hang out on the farm. All and all, Trax Farms is a great way to spend a awesome fall afternoon with the family or just your significant other doing some shopping and poking around especially the antique area. You have a few weeks left to Halloween with two weekends in there so make the best of it.

To reach Trax Farm get on Rt 88 South and don't stop till you get to the farm. For more information check out