Tea Time

By Amanda Cooney

On a beautiful February Saturday afternoon, I traveled east of the city to do something I have always wanted to do: have a real tea party. I remember as a kid having a small tea set and I would fill the teapot with water or juice, then divvy it up between my guests. My guests were usually stuffed animals, but this time my aunt joined me.

I discovered a place called Flowers in the Attic that is on Saltsburg Rd. in Penn Hills. Inside this restored Victorian mansion is a café and gift shop. On the back of the property is a floral and garden store. Walking in you can tell that this place is special; Tiffany chandeliers, original hardwood, and the layout is very telltale of the period. We were taken to the second floor where the bedrooms were converted into tea rooms. Each room seemed to have a theme; we were in the “Angel” room. I don’t think that is the official name, but I am going to refer to it as such because the art and décor in that room was angel related. Almost all of the art and décor was for sale too.

Shortly after being seated, our waitress brought us a box of assorted teas and a pot of hot water. Moments later, she brought a three-tiered tray of sandwiches and pastries which was the Chef’s choice for the day. One by one, we tried each item: a cucumber and dill sandwich, open-faced caprese, chicken salad on a croissant, a wild berry scone with preserves, a brownie cup with a strawberry on top, a chocolate chip cookie with a raspberry and whipped topping, and finally a fig cookie. I can honestly say there was nothing to complain about. Everything tasted fresh and delicious. Normally chicken salad can be too mayo-y (that’s a word, right?) but this was just perfect. The scones were still warm and not rock hard like I am used to at Starbucks. Paired with the berry preserves, it was hands down my favorite thing on the tray.
Surprisingly after all of that, we were still hungry and decided to stay for lunch. With an extensive lunch menu, it was hard to choose. A few things that caught my eye were a BLT spinach salad with avocado and tomato basil dressing, a turkey and apple croissant with melted cheese, and a lunch serving of the delicious chicken salad that I had earlier. Ultimately, I chose a specialty quiche with chorizo and cheddar with a side salad. It was to die for! Sometimes quiche can be difficult and it can get rubbery, but this was just right; nice, fluffy eggs and just the right amount of chorizo and cheese.

Overall, this adventure was a really cool and chill experience. I don’t think we have time to sit and talk over coffee or tea as much as we want and to do it in such a unique atmosphere makes it even more special. Brunch, lunch, and tea at Flowers in the Attic is very affordable and highly recommended. Princess tea parties, bridal and baby showers, and other events are available. For more information, go to FlowersInTheAttic.com!