Enter the Imaginarium

By Amanda Cooney

The escape room trend seems to have hit Pittsburgh within the last year and it is a concept that I am thrilled about. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, it is where a group of people go into a room where they work together to solve puzzles in order to gain freedom from the room in which they are trapped. Recently we had been invited to check out a new escape room called Enter the Imaginarium.

Set off of the main drag in Harmar stands a large sign with a picture of an anatomically correct brain pointing to what looks to be an old warehouse; outside a black awning has “Enter the Imaginarium” printed on it letting visitors know where to begin.

Enter the Imaginarium is the brain child of Bricolage and the ScareHouse. Like many escape rooms, players have one hour to solve intricate puzzles in order to make your way out or will be trapped! However, this is unlike any other escape room you have seen. The two institutions are a perfect match as they bring you this challenging and unique experience.

While I cannot tell you what is inside – and it wouldn’t be as fun for you if I did – but I will give you a few tips. First, make sure you choose a group of people that will work well together. An hour may seem like enough time but I can assure you if you have people that are easily distracted, you will not have enough time. Up to 10 people can enter at a time; choose your team wisely. Second, keep your eyes open. The hyper-realistic sets are filled to the brim with detail; don’t overlook ANYTHING. And lastly, and most importantly, have fun!

To learn more about Enter the Imaginarium and to purchase tickets, please visit entertheimaginarium.com. Good luck!