Wigle Gets a New Tour

By: Amanda Narcisi


Wigle Whiskey has an amazing tour. Year after year they give a sneak peek at how their award winning Whiskey is made. At the Barrelhouse this year there is a new aspect of the tour that has whiskey lovers rejoicing.

During this season tour the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse and Garden and at the end bottle your own whiskey or bourbon with a thief; a copper pipe with a handle that uses suction to extract from the barrel. After the 375ML bottle is full a cork is placed on top and you can label the bottle “Bottled By” and your name. 

The tour at the Barrelhouse includes the history of whiskey in Pennsylvania and how the Kelvin Cooperage barrel is made. There is plenty of opportunities to sample whiskey and bourbon; even a chance to sample straight from the still. 

The cost of the tour is $25 with an additional cost of $35 for the bottle. Tours take place on Saturday and take place a few times throughout the day. The Barrelhouse is located at 1055 Spring Garden Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15212 and for more information and to purchase tickets visit wiglewhiskey.com