The Gun Show (Can We Talk About This?)

By: Amanda Narcisi

One of the most controversial topics in the world today is Guns. Gun control conversations span from the White House to the dinner table. It has caused protests and arrests. It has caused a city to heal and council members to react.

One local theater hopes to take the conversation to a different level, to really talk about it. Quantum Theater brings EM Lewis’s new play “The Gun Show, Can We Talk About This?” EM Lewis hopes to bring the power of storytelling to three locations and unite through experiences, backgrounds, and opinions. 

Photo by Jason Snyder

Photo by Jason Snyder

Meet EM Lewis

EM Lewis has a gender-gender-neutral name and wishes to let audiences know she is a woman. Lewis has won the Francesca Primus Prize in 2014 for Heads. More recently, in 2018, Magellanica got praise at Artists Repertory Theater in Portland, Oregon. 

About The Gun Show

The Gun Show is a one-actor show that portrays the playwrights own complicated relationship with gun culture. EM Lewis owns personal story is told through five stories of her own through actor Andrew William Smith. After the performances, there is a facilitated Q&A period.

See The Gun Show

The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?) is going to take place in three different locations in Pittsburgh with three different audiences. The first few sets of shows (Feb 8th-17th) will take place at The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Homewood. The second set (Feb 20th-24th) will take place at CCAC in Pittsburgh’s North Side. The third set (Feb 27th-Mar 3rd) will take place at The Tull Family Theater in Sewickley. For tickets and information visit