Punk Pittsburgh

By: Amanda Narcisi

Non-Punk Pittsburgh

In the 1970’s Pittsburgh looked very different than now. It was raw and dingy and full of hard blue collar workers. Then there was a punk scene. To this day we know Howlers, Gooski’s and the Electric Banana, but back then you could find punk music in Market Square.

This month at SPACE on Liberty Ave has a unique look at the punk rock time in Pittsburgh. Local photographers gathered up the best photos, fliers, and videos and set them for a great curated show. The show, curated by Dennis Childers and Larry Rippel, called Non-Punk Pittsburgh runs through June 18th.

Artists include Stephanie Beroes, Kevin Brunelle, Dennis Childers, Tom Jefferson, Jan McGough, Scott Mervis, Karl Mullen, Martha Rial, Larry Rippel, Steve Sciulli, Harriet Stein, Bruce Tovsky, Loraine Vullo, Bill Wade, Stacy Weiss and Tracy Wuischpard.

All of the photos were taken locally and some have famous faces. (I spotted one of my faves: Cindi Lauper) Some were of performances and others are candid moments during rehearsals or times the musicians were just hanging out.

Every Friday evening from 6-9 there will be jam sessions and Carsickness, one of the bands featured and one of the largest punk bands from that era will perform on April 21st. Admission is free into the SPACE Gallery and there are books for sale about the show. For more information check out SPACE website or the Facebook Page.