Finding Neverland

By: Kelly and Brandt Labrasca

There is no better way to start this than to say I left Finding Neverland saying, “This is
the best show I have ever seen!”. I feel bad saying this, but I was very hesitant to go when my
husband surprised me with tickets a week prior. I was never a big Peter Pan fan and was
worried that I was going to be disappointed. I have seen shows such as Mamma Mia in New
York City, The Lion King in Toronto, Wicked in Las Vegas, The Phantom of the Opera, Kinky
Boots, Stomp, and many more here in Pittsburgh. I thought there was no way any show can
beat those, until I saw Finding Neverland on it’s opening night. From the beginning, the show
captures your heart with the main character working as a playwright in London hitting a
roadblock in his writing, and looking for inspiration in the beautifully set Kensington Garden.
From that point through to the end he takes you on a journey with a widow and her three
children, his boss and actors who are to be in his play, and his inner self that move you in a way
that touches every sense of your being. You feel for every character, you are drawn in even
deeper as the set changes enhance your experience. You are so captivated that you feel as if
you are part of the show, and can sing and dance right along with the actors. The backdrops,
musical numbers, costumes, and special effects all added to what makes this show so special.
At no point do you lose interest, it is like a great book you can’t put down, you must keep going until the end. And when you reach the end you are not disappointed. To say the least my
husband and I highly recommend this show to adults and children, it is one for all ages, and it
will leave you feeling invincible.